Liam Morgan

(b. 1982, Canada)

+66 85 036 7754

Solo Exhibitions

2017 MirrorSale, Case Space Revolution,Bankgkok, Thailand

2016 98.5%of this light has been blocked,R.M.A. Institute, Bangkok, Thailand

2015 Game:Part I, Kathmandu Photo-Gallery,Bangkok, Thailand (as part of Photo Bangkok Festival)

2015 StillLife: A Study of Impossible Perspective,Bangkok Art & Culture Centre, Bangkok, Thailand (as part ofkiosk, Photo BangkokFestival)

2015 Titledfor Archives (collaborative workw/Jan Krogsgaard), SpeedyGrandma Gallery, Bangkok, Thailand

2015 Knowledgeis Everything (collaborativework w/Jan Krogsgaard), People'sGallery, Bangkok Art and Culture Centre, Bangkok, Thailand

2015 PleaseFocus, Whiteline Gallery,Bangkok, Thailand

2014 Monument,unsanctioned public exhibition, Bangkok, Thailand

2014 Abandon/Decay,A.E.Y.Space, Songkhla, Thailand

2014 TheRiver & Surf Paintings (collaborativework w/Jan Krogsgaard), META House, Phnom Penh, Cambodia

2014 Knowledgeis Everything (collaborativework w/Jan Krogsgaard), Speedy Grandma Gallery, Bangkok, Thailand

2013 Abandon/Decay,Kathmandu Photo-Gallery, Bangkok, Thailand

2008 CCTLOMO(collaborative work), Chiang MaiUniversity Art Museum, Chiang Mai, Thailand

2008 CCTLOMO(collaborative work), ThreeKings Monument, Chiang Mai, Thailand

Selected Group Exhibitions

2017 Never-NeverLand, WTF Gallery, Bangkok, Thailand

2017 SamutThai: Unfinished Histories, BankART Studio NHK, Yokohama, Japan(Part of TPAM festival)

2017 Pomp(Duo Exhibition with Jeff Gompertz), Fail, Bangkok, Thailand

2015 Lightis the New Black, NACC, Bangkok, Thailand

2014 Tetragon,Bridge Art Space, Bangkok, Thailand

2014 FuneralParty, Speedy Grandma Gallery,Bangkok, Thailand

2012 Intimately,H Gallery, Bangkok, Thailand

2011 Water+Empathy,Bangkok Art & CultureCenter, Bangkok, Thailand

2011 Cityscapes,curated by Goethe InstitutSydney, United Nations Building, Bangkok, Thailand

Commissioned Works

2015 Moonlander,Installation commissioned by Samsung Mobile for the 2015Wonderfruit Festival

2015 ClockTower, lighting installation inBenchasiri Public Park, commissioned by the Bangkok Illuminationfestival/City of Bangkok

2015 StillLife: A study of Impossible Perspective, mixed-mediamedia installation commissioned by Photo Bangkok internationalphotography festival, Bangkok

2014 AnalogMotion, a series of privatelycommissioned kinetic sculptural installations

2011 Cityscapes,series of 12 twelvephotographic/text works commissioned by Goethe Institute, Sydney

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