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112 Red & Yellow Tubes

Liam Morgan, 2017

prepared motor, fluorescent & LED lights, steel. 300x300x250cm

112 Red & Yellow Tubes is a kinetic rotating light sculpture. It was first exhibited as part of the atelier exhibition Thai Samut: Unfinished Histories at BankART NHK in Yokohama, Japan. The show was part of the TPAM festival. 

Video documentation below.

Statement of Context for 112 Red & Yellow Tubes:

This work uses the politically opposed (in the Thai context) colours red and yellow in the form of 112 tube-lights rotating in opposite directions. There are 56 red tubes and 56 yellow tubes. Article 112 of the Thai criminal code states "Whoever defames, insults or threatens the King, the Queen, the Heir-apparent or the Regent, shall be punished with imprisonment of three to fifteen years.". As anyone can use this law against anyone else, and all complaints must be formally investigated, the law is often used as a political tool to discredit or silence opponents and is even used as weapon in personal grievances. 
The late King Himself questioned the need for this law.

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