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Sun Moon Lake is a Concrete Box

Sheryl Cheung, Xia Lin & Liam Morgan, 2020

Expended Cinema Perfomance

Sun Moon Lake is a Concrete Box' is an expanded cinema performance project developed as a collaboration between

Xia Lin, Sheryl Cheung, and Liam Morgan. It was commissioned by Taipei Performing Arts Center

and presented in the 2020 Taipei Arts Festival. It was a finalist for the prestigious Tai Shin award in 2020.

‘On days that we couldn't go out, I would sit on the floor, looking out the windows. They are rose-coloured from layers of heavy film pressed between layers of thick glass to keep us safe. Any landscape would look romantic through that tint. But our view of the river was blocked by an abandoned waste-treatment plant; my gaze could only trace the curves of rusty steel pipes that carried a river of human faeces from the city to the plant underneath the old public park, where it looped round and round in something like a giant robot’s intestines. But that flow stopped a long time ago…’Artists Xia Lin (Taiwan) and Sheryl Cheung and Liam Morgan (Canada) take us on a journey that meditates on the natural environs and then a haptic chamber of light-, film-, sonic- and plant-installation. A reflection on days past, a dwelling on the uncertain present, an intimation into a physically-distant yet familiar future. (Taipei Art Festival text)

日月潭是一個水泥盒 (Sun Moon Lake is a Concrete Box), 2020
來自臺灣的林亭君與加拿大的張欣、利安・摩根(Liam Morgan),將領著你我走一遭心理、地理與物理的環境下的冥想移動,觸碰植栽裝置、觸碰聲響、撫摸影像、撫摸光,承接過去幾個月的千秋景況,《日月潭是一個水泥盒》將延展這個現實,進入一則關於「社交距離」的現世寓言,在地表之外的空間想像我們的未來。

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