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Ngan Wat: Treasure Hill

Liam Morgan, 2018

Steel, Prepared Motor, LED and SOX lights

This kinetic light sculpture work was achieved during a residency at Taipei Artist Village and was exhibited in the Treasure Hill Light Festival in 2018. This work continues Morgan's 'Ngan Wat' series of kinetic light objects and installations. The title of the series comes from the Thai for “Temple Fair” and appropriates the function of a specific decorative device found in fair events in Thailand. Juxtaposing this form in various contexts allows for commentary through an often sardonic celebration. The works can be cult-like and hypnotic.
'Ngan Wat: Treasure Hill' is a site-specific work which uses a palate pulled from nocturnal Taipei during Morgan's period as an artist-in-residence at Taipei Artist Village – Treasure Hill. It can be taken as parasitic or prosthetic in nature, or as a mixture of the two.

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