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All You Need, Nothing More (你所需的沒別的了)

Liam Morgan, 2019

Steel, Prepared Motor, tree, LED lights. dimensions variable

中文以下    video below
    All you need. Nothing more. is a kinetic lighting work which employs wavelengths of light at each periphery of the visible spectrum. These are the absolute bottom of the food-chain; they are the colours of light that are most used in the process of photosynthesis.

     The work considers the relationship between us and the sunlight which provides the energy that is the basis for almost all life on earth.The natural systems which convert this energy into forms we humans can consume are intensely complex. In an attempt to engineer and simplify this conversion, there is an increasing variety of human endeavour to grow plants indoors, cut off from the natural world, by using electric light. In such activities, efficiency is extremely important. Recently, it has become possible to funnel our valuable electric resources into only specific types of light and that has proven a boon to of growers of indoor flora.

     But,given a strict and steady diet of CO2, H2O and electromagnetic radiation at 460nm and 700nm, do those plants long for the slow-changing hues of a sunset? Or for the pale hours of early morning? What becomes of the greens and yellows and the great subtitles of the rest of the spectrum? And, if we were forced to flee a newly-hostile environment and grew a tree underground, would we become nostalgic for a time when nature nurtured us? Or would we sit in that subterranean pinkish glow and bask in the ingenuity of our efficient system which gives all we need, but nothing more?

你所需的沒別的了 (AllYou Need. Nothing More.),2019



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