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Still Life: a study of Impossible Perspective

Liam Morgan, 2015

Photograph, video.  1500x60cm, 3 min

“The project explores the inherent photographic point-perspective and looks at resulting conflicts when multiple perspectives are introduced. Can it entertain a thought without accepting it? 
Creating images both in still and moving forms, Liam Morgan is driven by the method-specific perspective that each form gives, importantly the relationship between the seeing eyes of a person, a camera and video camera. The eye of the video camera offers seamless running multiple viewpoints around its subjects, unlike a camera lens that captures a single viewpoint of the visual in front. Liam challenges a process of image making where perspectives of moving image is rendered into a static one: a video recording is taken of a street view, then translated into thousands of still images digitally and manually stitched together, achieving a 15 meter length photograph of a local Bangkok street. 
The exhibiting result is a seemingly ordinary gaze along a street of shop houses, yet upon closer inspection one will discover that the architecture and its occupants are somewhat mutated, where a body doubles itself, vehicles distorted and trees are suspended midair. Somewhere between the computing of the automated digital brain and specific directions made by the artist, marks and forms are deconstructed and concocted to create a new perspective of seeing. 

This exhibition is part of Kiosk project, presented by PhotoBangkok Festival 2015, Curated by Nikan Bow Wasinondh 

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