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No 6 Rooftop (unrealized)

Liam Morgan, 2018

Steel, Prepared motor, prepared lighting

     This space represents a border of Treasure Hill. The construction of this community was a vertical one- one unsanctioned house being built on top of another, moving up the hill. At some point, this construction stopped and the houses at the top became a frontier between community and non-community (the forest, the hill, the city beyond). This particular house (#6, Lane 37) also became a frontier between the residential community that existed here and the usage of Treasure Hill by artists; it was home to Wei-Li Yeh’s THTP (Treasure Hill Tea & Photography), which in many ways is the forerunner of what is now Treasure Hill Artist Village.
   #6 is now #6/#6-1/#6-3 and is painted stark white. #6-3 was the THTP Teahouse and is where I am living for these three months of my residency.
    The rooftop of this building is not used and is not sanctioned as being accessible. But had the construction of habitable spaces continued, it likely would have been the next construction site in the Treasure Hill community. It sits at a low-point in the natural topography of the hill itself- if one were to reach the city by going OVER the hill, rather than around it, this would be the easiest route. A construction here could have pushed the community over the hill and possibly been the apex of the community’s trajectory, the summit in a way, and construction after that would have spilled over into a down-hill endeavour.
This work exists in a local continuity of tradition of occupation of space. A construction at this site, which overlooks the community and borders both forest-park and residential occupation (no longer illegal) invites the public to access this space, feel welcome in it and consider it for what it is. 

     This work was proposed for installation during my period of residency at Treasure Hill Artist Village.  It was not realized due to the time constraints of applying for permissions from the Taipei City Government to use the space for installation.

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