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Is Liam Morgan really an artist? Like, a real one? There is strong evidence to support the argument that Mr. Morgan is really a real artist: he has been granted permission to reside in two different countries of which he is not a citizen based on his status of "Artist", he has been been given some rather large sums of money from places like the Canada Council for the Arts (who claims to only give money to those that they approve as 'Professional Artists'), he has been invited to make things to show in some pretty large exhibitions (like Documenta), he has a studio in Berlin whose rental cost can be claimed in his tax returns and... he makes some art. That said, we have not found anything more that a number of working definitions of what a real artist actually is and so despite the extensive evidence, we cannot conclusivly rule on this question. We invite you to examine further evidence among some of the things that Mr. Morgan has made over the years here.


Isn't he a Director of Photography? His Instagram looks like he makes movies It is true that Mr. Morgan has worked making movies of various sorts for the past 20 years or so, and always in a position of image-making. Although his roles in making those images has varied from film and project to project (Director of Photography, Camera Operator, Gaffer, Editor, Colourist... ocassionally a director and even once a sound recordist!), he self-identifies as a cinematographer, both in the modern conotative meaning of the word and in Bresson's more all-encompassing usage of the title.

Is Liam Morgan one of founders of the Bangkok Biennial? The Bangkok Biennial appeared mysteriously in 2018 and was operated anonymously by a group of people only identified by the name "BB Team". It is not clear to what extent Mr. Morgan was involved in "BB Team" nor whether he was even in Bangkok at the time of the biennial's conception.

Where does Liam Morgan actually live? He often seems to be on different continents at the same time. He lives in Berlin

Where does Liam Morgan come from? He has a strange accent that is hard to identify... Mr. Morgan was born in the land of Pocologan but had to leave in the early 1990s when more than 50% of the population of Pocologan emigrated. Since then, he has lived in Canada, Thailand, Taiwan & Germany and so has a bit of a mixed accent when speaking English, which is the language his Mother speaks, but not the language his ancestors spoke.

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